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Library Periodicals

Library periodicals are a good source of information for library professionals. Most of them are now concurrently available in an electronic version.

Alphabetical list of the best known periodicals, with contact information:

ISSN 1210-0927
online ISSN 1213-5828

Published by the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic, it comes out 4 times a year (since 1992) with one yearly special issue (since 1994). Apart from articles dealing with theoretical and practical problems of Czech libraries and information on librarianship abroad, it keeps in regular touch with SKIP activities - reports from central bodies and regions, foreign contacts of SKIP, and information service on the activities of library associations abroad.

Library monthly
ISSN 0011-2321

This is a monthly, published by the Kladno State Research Library at the Academia Publishing House and issued 12 times a year (since 1948). The oldest po-pular magazine for the general library public, it deals in particular with the practical problems facing libraries, acquaints its readers with the life of libraries abroad, and provides practical advice and guidance. It also gives attention to the libraries' work with literature, reports on library and related events, and prints reviews, opinions, etc. Regular features include the bibliographic review New publications at the librarianship study room of the National Library, and matters of interest from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

ISSN 0862-1985

It publishes studies and articles on the libraries of Moravia. Regular features: Library Medallion, Conferences, Events, Reviews, From the Activities of Organizations, Interview about Books, Feuilleton.

Electronic magazine on the information society
ISSN 1212-5075

Ikaros is only published in an electronic form at format and is focused on the Internet as a medium, the specific communication environment, and serious sources of information. Information is published in various columns: information science, information policy, information technology and electronic communication, sources of information, services and use of information, libraries in the network, e-books, reviews, news, glosses, and reports. All contributions are cross-referenced to related Internet sources; e-mail addresses of authors are added.

ISSN 1210-8502

Published four times a year by the Main Library of the Academy of Science of the CR four times a year, this quarterly journal is for librarians and information professionals of the institutes of the Academy of Science and of co-operating libraries. Permanent columns: News of the Main Library of the Academy of Science, Interview, From Abroad, A Moment with Czech Improvement, May We Introduce, We Have Read for You, Future Events, and Personalia. It has been published since 1993 and has been available also on the web- since 1997.

ISSN 1213-8231

This electronic quarterly has been published by the Vysočina Regional Library since 2001 and is aimed particularly at librarians of public libraries. It includes news from around the region and helps to resolve issues related to public libraries.

Knihovnická revue Olomouckého kraje (Library Revue of the Olomouc Region)
ISSN 1214-6420 (printed version)
1214-648x (electronic version)

Since 2004, this library news bulletin (previously entitled Library Horizons) has been published as KROK - The Library Revue of the Olomouc Region. It is issued quarterly in print and electronic format. It brings together information and news from the libraries of the Olomouc Region and includes a permanent rubric of KROK k literatuře (In STEP with Literature), KROK do světa (STEP into the World), KROK forum (STEP Forum), KROK informuje (STEP Informs), Regionální kulturní osobnosti (Regional Cultural Personalities), and Knihovnická literatura (Library Literature).

ISSN 1211-3255

This is a journal for the employees of specialized libraries and information centres related to healthcare. It is a continuation of the earlier NLK (national medical library) journals (Healthcare Documentation 1962-1990 and NLK News Bulletin 1991-1995). It brings together news from the National Medical Library, methodological articles, medical library networks, and so on. It is published six times a year and is distributed free of charge.

Library Revue
ISSN 0862-7487
ISSN 1214-0678 (electronic version)

This is published by the National Library of the Czech Republic two times a year. It prints extensive theoretical articles, practical findings from domestic and foreign libraries, reports from conferences, seminars and other events, articles on the active participation of the National Library in foreign and international programmes, and reviews of important library publications. Each issue contains the bibliographic review News of Foreign Library Literature (annotated abstracts from periodicals delivered to the National Library; around 25 notes in each issue).

Registered Books of the National ISBN Agency of the Czech Republic, National ISMN Agency of the Czech Republic, and CIP Agency
ISSN 1210-4566

This lists the books registered with the National ISBN Agency of the Czech Republic. Published by the National Library, it comes out twice monthly (since 1993). It contains bibliographic entries of titles to be published and is sent to the National ISBN Agency of the Czech Republic. Listed according to publishers. Advertising column of the National Library. Intended for libraries, publishers, etc. to inform them about what is to be published.

Library and Information News of the Hradec Králové Region
ISSN 0862-9366

This is a library information newsletter published by the State Research Library at Hradec Králové sporadically since 1991 and quarterly since 2000. A journal of libraries and librarianship of the Region of Eastern Bohemia. Published in printed format and on the www pages of the publishing library.

Nov 09, 2014