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Czech Libraries Portals

Uniform Information Gateway

The Uniform Information Gateway (UIG) provides uniform and easy access to various information sources including full texts and document files. The Results of the VIG CASLIN project particularly standardization, automation of big Czech and Slovak libraries and foundations of library networks. As part of the realization of this project eleven special information gates will be created and further ones will be connected to previous ones. As a result, will be more and more information gates which will mutually add to each other without any overlapping.

UIG is a joint project of the National Library and Charles University. The operation of UIG is ensured by the joint action of the two institutions. Some Czech and Slovak libraries, the clients of which use UIG for searching in both licensed and access-free information sources, are also linked to UIG. New libraries are invited to participate in this project.

Library and Information Science Subject Gateway (KIV Subject Gateway)

The KIV Subject Gateway provides searching in different databases through one user interface and it makes for easier receiving of a document. The KIV Subject Gateway is part of the network of subject gateways roofed by the UIG - Uniform Information Gateway. The UIG users and users of other subject gateways will find in it a uniform environment and search tools that are well known to them. The KIV Subject Gateway is, above all, intended to satisfy information needs of librarians, information specialists, teachers, educators and students of Library and Information Science (LIS). It is included in services of the Librarianship Institute of the National Library of the Czech Republic and it is virtually connected with the Librarianship Institute Portal called Informace pro knihovny (Czech Library and Information Science Portal).

In addition to the UIG, which is of universal use, subject gateways will be developed to serve in various branches of science and professions such as music, librarianship, history, linguistics etc. These subject gateways will be developed by the institutions that are to a certain degree responsible for the branch.

Virtual Polytechnic Library (VPL)


The Virtual Polytechnical Library links 41 libraries which can virtually consolidate their holdings and services, the aim being:

  • better information and inter-library reprography services provided or available especially on the Internet,
  • creating practical, organisational, personnel and technological conditions for co-ordinated, economical and useful retrieval of information sources,
  • co-ordinated use of finances for multi-license purchases,
  • co-ordinated acquisition, in order to optimize use of the existing financial resources.

TECH Subject Gateway

The Subject Gateway TECH provides simple search environment for various remote Czech and foreign information resources (library catalogues, databases, subject portals).

Nov 09, 2014