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Associations, Corporations and Partnership of Libraries in the Czech Republic



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The Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP) is a voluntary professional organization established in the spring of 1990, following in the footsteps of a professional association of the same name which came into being at the time of the Prague Spring in 1968 but was abolished by the then Ministry of the Interior in the summer of 1970.

The SKIP's mission is to try to systematically raise the standard of library and information work and with it the prestige of the profession. It organizes professional and social contacts among library and information professionals, cooperates with libraries and information work-places, participates in the professional training of specialists, and contributes to the lifelong education of library and information professionals. It develops contacts with similar professional organizations both at home and abroad. Since 1990, SKIP has been a member of IFLA - the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. It has taken part in two projects of the European Commission - CELIP (formerly, CECUP), DECID Doc and CERTIDoc. It co-operates with library associations from neighbouring and nearby countries as well as with embassies and legations and their institutions concerned with librarianship.

SKIP has about 1350 members and is organized on a regional principle (929 individual members and 421 institutions). At present, there are 11 regional branches. Professional activities take place within sections and commissions (sections for public libraries, school libraries, university libraries, education, publishing, and foreign affairs committees).


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The Czech Republic's Library Association was founded in 1992 with the task of systematic organization of professional events aimed, in particular, at research and special libraries. Its membership consits of 46 public and scientific libraries. It regularly organizes seminars on the development of book collections, automation of library processes, and questions related to the setting of library standards. It publishes the Information Sources series, featuring library directories, terminological dictionaries and other methodological aids. It provides information sources on professional literature. Professional activities take place within sections dedicated to bibliography, historical collections, information technologies, and regional functions.


České vysoké učení technické v Praze
Výpočetní centrum
Zikova 4/1903
166 35 Praha 6-Dejvice
Tel.: + +420-224 352 914

It's members are the libraries of universities and institutes of higher learning and its activities are carried out in its Working Groups for Information Education and Information Literacy, for Electronic Information Sources and for Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

Mission and Goals

  • to promote, develop and support university libraries in the Czech Republic,
  • to advocate university libraries and facilitate their negotiations with information providers, in order to improve their opportunities for cost-efficient purchasing and licensing of electronic information resources,
  • to support collaboration and partnership (in order to help in the continuous advancement and effectiveness of library activities and services, education and learning, spreading information literacy activities, etc.) on both the national and international level.
Dec 08, 2014
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