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Information Centre for Librarianship

the National Library of the Czech Republic
Klementinum 190
CZ-110 00 Prague 1
2nd floor, door No. 243, 238, 239, 223 O

+420 221 663 341 (Department Head)
+420 221 663 347
+420 221 663 348
+420 221 663 342
+420 221 663 343
+420 221 663 175 (Fax)

E-MAIL (Department Head) (LIS Library)

+420 221 663 175

  • builds and provides access to the collections of the Library and Information Science Library
  • makes registrational documentation of Czech library science literature (KKL -Database of the Library Literature)
  • processes, catalogues, and publishes analysis reports concerning current issues of Czech and world library science
  • collects and provide access to information on international programmes and other activities and initiatieves in the field of library and information science, on the attitude of international political bodies towards library science, facilitates access to their documents, recommendations etc.
  • builds documentation and reference databases on library and information science
  • develops the KIV Subject Gateway in cooperation with Charles University in Prague
  • provides access to the most important library and information science databases
  • collaborates on up-to date and ad hoc surveys in the librarianship
  • issues the journal Knihovna and e-journal Knihovna Plus (published by the National Library)
  • provides the editing of the Czech Library and Information Science Portal


Mgr. Vladana Pillerová (Department Head)

Nov 09, 2014